Coyote Love plays The Cutting Room with RAW

We are stoked to have the band chosen to represent New York’s

hottest upcoming talent at the RAW, Natural Born Artist Series “Spectrum” Event,

at the Cutting Room 7:30pm on Friday Eve, April 25th.

April 25th at 8pm

April 25th at 8pm

Coyote Love RAW-Spectrum Event

Get dressed up for this “COCKTAIL ATTIRE” event at NYC’s premier live music venue “The Cutting Room”.  The evening is like a 3-Ring Circus of new talent, featuring Music, Dance, Fashion, Art, Performance Art, and even hair stylists, from all under one roof for a night of multimedia excitement.  If you have never been to the Cutting Room, it’s a truly great venue!  We are playing with the full horn section, Yahoteh on Drums, and Darren Lipper on Bass; both of whom will be singing backup, so you know it’ll be a blast!  Here’s the ticket link.

Remember “COCKTAIL ATTIRE REQUIRED” so iron that shirt, polish those shoes, put on that slinky dress, and do what you do when you that thing you do. Howwwooooooo!

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Coyote Love “Blame It” video hits youtube!

Yes it’s true. After much hype, our cover of “Blame It” finally hit youtube. HOWL!

Director, DP: Atom Fellows
Costume: Karen Flood
On-set photography: Jane Stein
Shot at Double Down Saloon in NY

Hank Coyote Wagner – vocals
Rachel Grundy – vocals
Sergio Bustamante – Alto Sax
Darren Lipper – Bass
Tobias Gebb – Drums
and featuring Mike D – Lead Guitar/Clown/Man in Kilt/Rabbi/Priest/Mexican/fireman/50′s motorcycle rebel/etc etc etc

Brendan Turk as “Rockstar/’Turk”
Sarah Engelke as flyer Girl
Coreen McCarthy as the connected bar-tender
Bob Laine as Turk’s Chauffeur

Nicole Lee Aiossa
Lenny Wright
Paul Murillo
Amy Sherman
Amy Overman Plowman
Catherine McNellis
Ari Shegal
Ruthie Turk
Chris Cook
Jon Epstein
Emily Klein Epstein
Jeff Nash



TEL: 917-796-4767
FAX: 212-942-5104

Local Outreach Organizations Come Together To Support Arts-in-Education in Roxbury

NYC-based band Coyote Love has announced that it will lead a ‘Music Every Day Educational Project’ at Roxbury Central School this month to honor the legacy of DJ and local music booster Terry Doyle, who died in February.

The late, great Terry Doyle, indie music champion

The late, great Terry Doyle, indie music champion

“The project brings our philosophy of personal growth through creativity into the schools. The kids take an existing song (“Music Every Day”) and re-write the verses based on themes they discover through text analysis,” says bandleader Hank Coyote Wagner. “Then, their peers perform the music on stage, with members of Coyote Love. It’s a blast!”

The project runs from Nov 13-15th, and concludes with a performance at the school on the afternoon of Nov 26th.

Wagner, who has strong family ties to Delaware County, teamed up, last May, with local educational support group, Greater Roxbury Learning Initiative Corporation (GRLIC) and Creating Rural Opportunities Partnership (CROP), to donate a small version of the project to the school. The program honored of the work and spirit of Mr. Doyle, who championed local and independent musicians by spinning their work on his WIOX radio show, ‘Crackle’, and attending countless gigs throughout the region.

Music Every Day (pilot) Rehearsal at Roxbury Central School

Music Every Day (pilot) Rehearsal at Roxbury Central School

“Terry was the first DJ to spin our music on the radio,” says Wagner. “He was the first to have us play live on air as well. We practically owe our local following to him.

The small-scale project that Coyote Love donated last spring was so well received by students and staff alike that Mr. Wagner and GRLIC were strongly encouraged to team-up again, and to apply for a State-funded grant facilitated by Roxbury Arts Group. Now, with funding enough to work with over 40 students and their teachers, the indie rock band will stage a full-scale, student-driven performance on the 26th of this month, with members of Coyote Love playing alongside the students. “We are doing something that we think Terry would have approved of.” Says Hank Coyote, “And to us, that’s a great guiding principle.”

ABOUT COYOTE LOVE and “THE ‘MUSIC EVERY DAY’ EDUCATIONAL PROJECT”: Coyote Love is the brainchild of Hank Coyote Wagner, performer and master teaching artist. Both through their unique approach to indie music and through their educational programs, Coyote Love seeks to use the power of music to bring self-empowerment, critical thinking, and inspiration to everyone that needs it.

The ‘Music Every Day’ Educational Project is a music, and language-arts education residency offered by veteran Teaching Artist, Hank Coyote Wagner and Coyote Love Entertainment, LLC. The project seeks to create community by allowing students across the world to write, perform, and share their own lyrics to one song, “Music Every Day.”

Coyote Love's Hank and Rachel will be spending three days in Roxbury, NY working with the students in Language-Arts, Band, and Chorus.

Coyote Love’s Hank and Rachel will be spending three days in Roxbury, NY working with the students in Language-Arts, Band, and Chorus.


If you’d like more information please contact Hank Coyote Wagner by email,, or phone, 917-796-4767.

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